Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bosch WFK2401UC washing machine comes back to life

Recently our Bosch WFK2401UC started having some issues.  After wandering over to Dossy's Blog I decided that the brushes may need replacing.  We have a Marcon Supply locally and they had the best price I could find, $35.  Ouch!

Carbon Brushes, PN 154740

Remove the wiring attached to the motor and loosen the belt tension bolt and the swing arm bolt (on back side) indicated by the arrows.

Remove the belt and unscrew the bolts the rest of the way and take the motor out.

Here you can see where the brushes feed in on each side.  Note: The brushes can be replaced without pulling the whole motor apart but what fun would that be.

Side by side shot of the old and new brushes.

Close-up of the newly inserted brush.  Since the new brushes are longer it is harder to get the spring loaded back in.  I used a small flat head screwdriver to compress the coils as I fed them down in.

Once the new brushes are in remount the motor and put the belt back on.  Be sure to you have proper tension on the belt and tighten your bolts back down.  Reconnect your wiring.

I left the back off for the first couple loads to be sure everything was working well.  Once you're satisfied put the back on and you're done.

We had a pretty good pile of laundry accumulated during the down time so the washing machine has been running quite a bit since I completed this project and it has been running like a champ.

Props to Dossy for pointing me in the right direction.